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Common Transfer Questions:

  • What type of equipment is used in the film transfers?

    CinePost’s Telecine Suite centers around the versatile Rank Turbo. Our Rank is fitted with a very rare Full Aperture 35mm and Super 16mm WetGate system. CinePost also has a remarkable proprietary Regular and Super 8mm ‘WetSystem’ telecine process which assures stunning results.
  • What formats can my film be transferred to?

    CinePost offers a variety of different formats. We support: BetaSP, Digi-BETA, MiniDV, DVCam, and DVD. Direct recording to hard disc is available in SD & HD, both AVI & MOV!.
  • How long does film transfer take?

    Our “Standby rate” transfers will take from 1 to 2 weeks. Our “Priority rate” transfers are completed in 1 to 2 days (add $50/hr).
  • Does it cost extra for Wetgate?

    No, use of the Wetgate Dirt & Scratch concealment is included at no additional cost.

Wet vs Dry Example

The Wetgate system conceals or reduces the appearance of dirt and scratches by passing film through a liquid filled chamber where it's scanned. The fluid fills scratches and temporarily eliminates or reduces defects. Dry transfers show flaws in the film such as dirt and scratches. CinePost is the only facility in the United States with a functioning Wetgate system. Watch the video below for an example.

Welcome to Cinepost

CinePost’s goal is to provide the highest quality Wetgate film transfers direct to hard drive, digital tape and DVD or Blu-Ray. Located in Marietta, Georgia, our custom Rank Cintel Turbo Telecine utilizes a flying spot scanner as well as the wetgate scratch concealment system to produce stunning image quality. Our telecine operators supervise all sessions and use the industry standard DaVinci Color Correction system to ensure optimum color & exposure levels.

Whether transferring home movies, restoring 16mm archival films or transferring 35mm Feature films for broadcast CinePost strives to maintain the highest levels of quality in the industry. We can transfer nearly any film format including 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm. Your film can be converted to a variety of formats, from standard DV video,10-bit Uncompressed, and Apple ProRes HD. Once digitized we can provide copies of your film footage on DVD or Blu-Ray. We digitize to all major industry codecs.