Examples of our Film Transfers

1946 Wedding filmed on 8mm Kodachrome

8mm film transfer and restoration done at CinePost.

Truman Library film shows CinePost Wetgate vs. Dry Film Transfer

Super8 Kodachrome shot near the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. Independence, Missouri

Big Horn Mountains Ranch 1951, shot on 8mm Kodachrome, 1080p HD

Mrs Rousch at the Rousch cabin. Then the Dellos kids at the Hampton ranch. With Jacque Hampton in Wy

Bing Family 8mm Films

Some beautiful 8mm films from Mark Bing’s Family Film Archive…..50th anniversary of gran

CinePost 35mm Wetgate Cintel Telecine

CinePost’s Rank Cintel Turbo, short clip of “Rookie of the Year” 35mm Wetgate tran

CinePost Telecine Film Transfer Room

Cintel Turbo 3 telecine with DaVinci. 35mm with sound direct to hard drive.

8mm Kodachrome Wetgate Transfer

Bestlight transfer with Cintel Turbo Telecine.

8mm Kodachrome from 1951

1080p Wetgate transfer at CinePost

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