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Film Transfer Pricing

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We offer both flat rate and hourly pricing depending on the project. If you’re not sure how much your project may cost please give us a call at 678.238.0800 or contact us to send a quick message.

Flat rate Home Movie 8/S8mm & 16mm Transfers

  • 8mm film rates based on 3 inch 50 foot reels (7" 400ft rolls have 8 reels)
  • 16mm film rates based on 100 foot reels
  • All Flat Rate 8mm & 16mm Film Transfers performed via Rank Cintel Telecine with DaVinci Bestlight level/color correction and use of our Wetgate System.
  • All negative film must be billed at the hourly professional transfer rates
  • If mixing film stocks and gauges,  additional fees may apply

Minimum Order is $75 on all film transfers.

Per-reel pricing is as follows

DV (AVI/MOV) or ProRes SD (MOV)
1-20 Reels - $17.50/ea
20-80 Reels - $15/ea
80+ Reels - $13.50/ea

High Definition - ProRes 422 HQ
1-20 Reels - $25/ea
20-80 Reels - $23/ea
80+ Reels - $20/ea

*(50ft/8mm,  100ft/16mm)

Professional Telecine Rates:

Available for the following formats: 8mm, S8mm, 16/S16mm and 35mm All rates include use of Wetgate system and DaVinci color correction.

Standby: 1 to 2 week turnaround
Priority: 1 to 2 day turnaround (add $50)

  • Allow 2-3 times running time for a Bestlight Transfer (3-5 times for Negative)
  • 3-4 times running time for a Scene-to-Scene Transfer
  • Supervised sessions available - based on session time

Hard Drive - Standard Definition (AVI/MOV Uncompressed 10-bit) - $195/hr
Hard Drive - High Definition (ProRes 422 HQ / MOV) - $295/hr
Hard Drive - 2k (ProRes 422 HQ / MOV) - $395/hr


Additional costs:

  • Sound - $5/reel
  • Film prep & breakdown - $50/hr - Includes leadering, hand cleaning, cement splices, and buildup onto 400ft archival reels, allow about 1 hour per 500ft./8mm - 1,000ft./16mm depending on condition of film
  • Storage media: 32/64GB USB3 flash drives - $25/35 1TB USB3 Drives - $100
  • Basic DVD (no sound - basic menu) - $35
  • Complex DVD (sound + detailed chapters) - $50
  • Basic Blu-Ray - $50
  • Complex Blu-Ray - $90
  • Extra copies of DVD's/Blu-Ray - $10/ea

Questions? Need a Quote?

Talk to a film transfer expert at 678.238.0800 or click the "Get A Quote" button to get started.

What Kind of Film Do I Have?

You can either measure the width of the film or compare the number of perforations (sprocket holes) with the image below. Film Size Chart