See what they have to say over at the Digital FAQ forum:

I just started reviewing the movies and after three minutes I can already say they are infinitely better than a batch my father had converted many years ago to CD by Costco. No comparison.

-Conrad E. from Florida

I buy these films, because I have a deep abiding love for classic cars and for one particular company that we grew up with: American Motors. Many, many of their films are impossibly rare. When they become available, you pay any price to own the first copy of it anyone has seen in decades.

This is one such film. I had never heard of it before, but I knew I had to add it to the collection. Since it’s the only known print, I guessed that it might not be in the best condition. Thanks to your split-screen demo, I guessed right. The persistent scratch that created an endless line throughout the film would have rendered it useless to me in the past.

However, Cinepost has done a fantastic job restoring this film. The lines and the warm red colors are gone. Now people who know nothing about the imperfections of movie film can simply enjoy the images and the story without all the distractions.

Friends, I tip my hat and happily write my check to Cinepost. It was money well spent.

-Todd Ruel, Owner/Driver of Gone Autos, a brand devoted to orphan cars

We have been reviewed by PC Magazine, they had this to say:  “CinePost’s WetSystem process excels at removing scratches from film to produce wonderfully clear images”

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From an article published in Small Format Magazine: “Extremely professional people who never stop thinking about how to improve a given image and – above all – who have the talent and facilities to do just that.”

-Doron Hirshberg

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Client testimonials:

“WOW! What an amazing job Cinepost did! I cannot thank you enough for restoring our family memories, many of which we have not seen properly for over 30 years! The wetgate transfer is fantastic, and the colors are spot-on for every scene. I’m watching these films again and again, simply to absorb all the details that I couldn’t see before–a painting here, a toy there, a distant memory of a home long gone.

These films were transferred to VHS some 18 years ago. Since then, we’ve had to live with muddied, dirty, faded scenes. Now, every memory of my parents’ first years and my childhood are perfectly preserved. Thanks again for the incredible job that you and your company did!”

-Robert E. from Texas








“After struggling to improve the quality in post-processing, I bit the bullet and had it all redone at Cinepost. Due to the volume of films processed, the cost was a very reasonable $15 per 50 ft. reel, plus some other reasonable overhead expenses. In total it was about $700, but, as you’ll see, it was well worth it. Cinepost uses Cintel film scanners with some custom hardware that allows them to handle 8mm film. “

– Jim Battle

“Cinepost was a delight to deal with.  Friendly service, good turnaround, great looking product.  We look forward to doing more work with them.”

-Steve M., from Wisconsin

“I obtained sample digital transfers from CinePost and several other companies before deciding to use CinePost.  CinePost’s transfer was by far the most accurate of all the samples I reviewed.  The colors in the other transfers were not true to the original, and much of the detail in the darker areas of my film were lost.  By contrast, the transfer done by CinePost preserved all the detail in the dark areas and the colors looked just as good on the computer as they did on the film projector screen.  In addition, scratches which showed up when playing through the film projector were greatly reduced in the digitized version.  I subsequently used CinePost to transfer about 150 reels for me and I am very happy with the results.  In addition, CinePost’s customer service and turn around time were excellent.”

-Andrew, from New York

“In a world where many promise, but few deliver, CinePost has far exceeded my expectations.  The results of the transfer were overwhelming.  I had viewed the original footage, so I knew what you were starting with.  Clean, vibrant images from 16mm footage that was stored in a dusty closet for over 55 years. “

-Stephen Rutledge


Lightstone Communications Group LLC

“The DVD transfers look GREAT!!”

-Rick S., from California

“The DVD’s arrived and I looked at them today. Another fantastic job”

-Chris B., from Florida

“I have watched the DVD and my brother has watched the AVI file, and we are thrilled!”

Bettye M., from Texas

“I reviewed the tape today, and I’m pretty pleased.  The Super-8 looks perfect, and the 16mm came out well above my expectations.  I really expected to see very little of the scenery between the spiderweb cracks and bubbles, and the wetgate cleaned them up better than I expected.  Some of the film actually had no visible damage at all!”

-Derek G., from Michigan