Examples of our Film Transfers

4K scanner with 35mm Wetgate

A short clip demonstrating CinePost's 4k scanning system

Super16 workprint to 2k

Super16 workprint to 2k from CinePost on Vimeo.

CinePost vs Yes Video

We sent a reel of film to Yes Video in order to compare the quality of their transfer to our own. Th

Genesis – Fungus Fix

This is not easy to accomplish, but with several applications of our proprietary film cleaning agent

CinePost – Behind the Scenes

An in depth look at the telecine studio inside CinePost. See how we restore motion picture film and

“Rush” is a CinePost Wetgate Super 8 Telecine Transfer

A day in the life of a Frat Cinematographer Kirk Brady of Richmond, Virginia. This film was shown ov

Symphony of Magic: The Wild Orchids in Israel

A Magical Film about the “Wild Orchids in Israel”. If you like Time Lapse or Flowers, th

Wild Orchids of Israel: Seduction of the Long-horned Bee

A segment from the DVD entitled “Symphony of Magic: The Wild Orchids in Israel”. If you

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