Examples of our Film Transfers

Dirt Track Fatal Auto Crashes 1930

ProResHD encoding of a 16mm B&W film about Dirt Track Racing

Early Fatal Auto Crashes at Indy 500

Indy 500 car crashes, 16mm film transferred at CinePost to 1080i ProResHD

“There’s a Hair in the Gate!” 1959 Cannes, France: 16mm Telecine at CinePost

This is what “Hair” in the gate looks like when the camera is scything the film. Caught

Broussard High Quality Films with Wetgate

Good exposures, Good color, sharp images, excellent example of Cinepost Wetgate film transfer qualit

Broussard Wet Dry Comparison vs Bacteria in 8mm Films

This film was water damaged. The web-like bacteria growth inside the film cannot be concealed by our

Log Cabin Homecoming Celebrations 1966-74 Cobb County, GA

Homecoming Celebrations with Log Cabin Sunday School friends. Films were shot in the late 60’s

Water Damaged Film

Ulla Thompson brought this gorgeous super8 Kodachrome film to us in plastic bins. It had been soaked

10th Mountain Division 1942 Camp Hale

8mm footage from Camp Hale, transferred by CinePost

Split screen wedding

Split screen demonstration of CinePost’s Wetgate system. Left side of the screen shows the fil

Woodbridge Family Film

A sample from the Woodbridge Family Film project, transferred at CinePost

8mm Racing Featurette shot in 1972

Fantastic 8mm footage transferred at CinePost.

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