Examples of our Film Transfers

8mm Kodachrome Wetgate Transfer

Bestlight transfer with Cintel Turbo Telecine.

8mm Kodachrome from 1951

1080p Wetgate transfer at CinePost

NASA – Saturn V Apollo Shake Test

NASA engineers had to be sure that the Saturn 5 rockets would sustain a little instability, so they

CinePost Wetgate vs Dry HD Telecine Transfer

CinePost HD Wetgate Transfers insure Quality. It really works! We use one of the few Liquid Wetgate

World’s Fair Amphibious Car – 16mm 1080i ProRes HD

16mm Film transferred at CinePost in Marietta, GA featuring an amphibious car showcased at the World

World’s Fair – 16mm 1080i ProResHD Wetgate

16mm Wetgate film transferred at CinePost. Footage from the World’s Fair.

16mm 1080i ProRes HD

Footage from the 1964 Worlds Fair featuring the Mustang Ride. 16mm film transferred to ProRes HD, 10

1920’s Auto Racing on Altoona Raceway Wooden Track

16mm film transferred at CinePost in Marietta, GA. Features cars racing on at Altoona Raceway’

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