HD Telecine

CinePost is a full-service post-production facility specializing in film restoration. We have an HD telecine suite that centers around a customized Rank Cintel Turbo. We use an industry-standard DaVinci Color Correction system and a proprietary WetGate Dirt & Scratch Concealment system to produce stunning images from your 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, or 35mm film. Our telecine operators have decades of experience and have worked on projects ranging from home movie restoration to archival work for universities and government institutions.

HD Telecine

If you are in need of HD telecine we aim to provide the best possible service while keeping our rates dramatically lower than our competition. Have a look at our examples or contact a film transfer expert and we will send files to test with your system. The most popular format for HD telecine is ProRes 422 HQ. It is a MOV/QuickTime format, however, editing is supported on PC with apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. For most projects, we pillar-box (vertical black bars on the sides) in order to preserve as much of the original frame as possible. If there is available headroom we are able to zoom & crop to create a 16:9 image.

Our flat-rate pricing starts at:

  • $25 per 50ft. roll of 8/S8mm and 100ft. of 16mm

Since the ProRes format is primarily geared for editing we also include an identical set of MP4 files. MP4’s can be played back and streamed by most devices, they are also suitable for basic editing or sharing online.

For negative film stocks and 35mm, our hourly rate is $295 per hour. We offer bulk discounts for both flat rate and hourly jobs.

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