Date:April 30, 2013

Symphony of Magic: The Wild Orchids in Israel

A Magical Film about the “Wild Orchids in Israel”. If you like Time Lapse or Flowers, this is probably the greatest Super 8mm nature film ever made. Totally self-funded and Ten Years in the making, the amazing beauty of the Wild Orchids of Israel has painstakingly been captured on stunning Kodachrome film by esteemed cinematographer Doron Hirshberg . The film was originally broadcast on the BBC in 1987. Not satisfied, Doron spent another three years shooting more footage to include more scenes about the actual pollination process. When finally ready to re-edit all the films in 2007, Doron flew from Israel to CinePost in Atlanta in order to produce a scratch and dirt-free Telecine Transfer for the new digital masters. Digital editing was completed in late 2007.