Restoring 8mm Home Movies with Jim Battle

One of our clients, Jim Battle, has done an excellent job of researching and compiling information about transferring home movie film. He’s laid out his journey from creating movies as a child to discovering the old home movies in his mother’s basement and finding a facility to bring them to life in a digital form. He even got involved with the post processing side of the project, opting to do color correction using his own edit system.

All the various transfer methods available are covered and explained in an easy to understand format. It’s an altogether wonderful resource for anyone seeking to have their films transferred.

If you’re looking for an in depth look into the world of home movie film transfer & restoration, head to Jim’s site and read about his experience: ¬†

Below are two example frames, one from a “frame-by-frame” transfer service and the second from CinePost (click to enlarge)






After receiving the transferred video from CinePost Jim performed additional work on his video. Typically we do a good bit of color correction during the actual transfer, but Jim wanted to tweak things himself. We were very impressed with the results: