Faded Blue Film

Whenever we transfer film for a client we always use the DaVinci color correction system to balance color levels. Sometimes we get a film that’s severely faded and needs intense correction to look normal.

A client sent us some skydiving footage where the film had gone almost completely blue, as you can see in the picture below:

Before Color Correction
Faded blue film


Using the DaVinci color correction system we were able to balance the levels and restore the image:

After Color Correction
Restored Image

Correcting Faded Red Film

We recently transferred some films for the Luehrmann family. The film, titledĀ “Timeshared Computer Graphics”, details Arthur Luehrmann’s early work with computer-generated imagery, commonly referred to as C.G.I. these days.

The film was badly faded and red, which is an issue we see frequently with prints from the 1960s and ’70s. Using the DaVinci color correction system we’re able to add back some of the faded blue/green to balance the film’s color so that it more closely resembles the original appearance. Check out the video below to see the difference!