Steve Holzer’s ‘Machine Deva’

Steve Holzer’s ‘Machine Deva’ is an experimental art film created using multiple unique methods of interacting with film. “Created directly on 16mm film, by intervening on found footage, with hand coloring, scratching, and transfer of printed images. An abstract sequence of imagery and sound suggests a story of opposites, love, probability and mysterious forces.”

The project was funded through Kickstarter, the online funding platform. Steve reached out to the community and people pledged at varying levels to cover the cost of film transfer, musicians, sound mastering, DVD duplication and publishing.

Steve travelled to Marietta from Texas to participate in the process of digitizing the film. We experimented during telecine and wound up with some unexpected results. The footage was then edited and put together with music and screened at the 2012 CineMarfa Film Festival – attendees were blown away. The DVD should be available shortly.

Check out Steve’s website & Kickstarter page for more information: