Super 8 to DVD

CinePost has been converting Super 8 to DVD for nearly two decades now, we’ve literally done 1000’s of projects for clients all over the country and some from abroad. Many of our clients simply want to get their precious memories converted from film to a playable format that they can enjoy with the family. We do our best to make the process simple and straight forward. All you have to do is send us your Super 8mm home movies and we will scan them using professional-grade telecine equipment. Then one of our editors will compile everything onto a playable DVD or Blu-Ray ready to view on your home entertainment system.

Our DVD’s all have a title and scene menu

We include chapter stops at the beginning of each reel

For longer reels, we add chapters about every five minutes so that you can easily skip around

With quality in mind, CinePost uses Verbatim DVD-R discs with your title printed on the front

Extra copies are no problem – $10/each

We never use any type of write-protection or DRM on your discs

Whenever we convert Super 8 to DVD we employ our Rank Cintel Turbo which uses a flying spot scanner. All sessions are supervised by an experienced colorist who uses an industry standard DaVinci Color Correction system to ensure that your film looks it’s best. In addition to color correction, we have a rare WetGate system that is able to conceal dirt and scratches. The film travels through a chamber filled with fluid during the scanning process, this rinses off extraneous dirt and debris and fills in scratches so that their appearance is reduced and in some cases eliminated completely. The process is non-destructive and the film drys almost immediately after it passes through the gate.

Super 8 to DVD

With a Bestlight transfer we calibrate exposure levels, color balance, and focus for each individual reel. In addition to a set of DVDs or Blu-Rays made from your home movies we also offer the raw video files used to create your discs. This way you have a copy of the master files to put away for safekeeping. We deliver these to you on a computer hard drive or a flash drive, depending on file sizes.

Get the benefit of our decades of experience working in professional film restoration, we do Super 8 to DVD projects all the time and we would love to help you with your home movie conversion project. Give us a call or email to discuss your project with a film transfer specialist!

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