35mm Film to 4K

CinePost has been scanning film for over three decades.  With our Cintel 4k Scanner and we have a great deal of experience with converting 35mm film to digital. Our primary work with 35mm film has been with restoring feature films for Network Streaming and Broadcast.  We also see Music Videos, Animation, art films, and newer film that simply needed the highest quality digital scan.

35mm Film to DigitalMany other facilities turn to CinePost for help due to our ability to handle such a wide range of 35mm formats including old nitrate film.  We also scan most optical sound or separate magnetic audio soundtracks. We have transferred many feature films for Turner Classic Movies, Kino Lorber, The Film Detective, and Facets International.  We create broadcast masters which pass QC standards for all Turner networks. If you are in need of transferring 35mm film to digital,  CinePost can ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. We offer more than professional film scanning. Your film will be inspected, cleaned, and repaired if needed prior to being transferred. Our Cintel 4K Scanner works together with our Wetgate Dirt & Scratch Concealment System to provide unparalleled results that must be seen to be believed. With older film, and even a good bit of new film, there will be dirt and debris and unsightly scratches. The Wetgate system is able to provide real-time cleaning while simultaneously reducing the appearance of scratches. In some cases we may be able to eliminate their appearance completely. In addition to scratch concealment our 35mm film to digital transfers benefit from the attention of our experienced colorists who use an industry standard DaVinci Color Correction System to balance your levels and compensate for any issues such as fading, deterioration, lab processing errors, or simply to sweeten the picture and give it more visual impact. If needed, we can use tools like Digital Video Noise Reduction and detailed scene-to-scene digital color correction on the finished video.

We are able to deliver your footage in 4K, 2K, and HD professional formats , DNX or ProRes. Contact the experts at CinePost to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your next 35mm film to digital project.