Super 8 Transfer

CinePost is a full service post production facility with Super 8 transfer being one of our main specialties. Based in Marietta, GA we have been scanning film to digital formats for well over a decade with outstanding results. Our clients range from individuals with home movies to universities and government institutions working on critical restoration projects. Regardless of the job we use the same equipment and personnel to complete the work.

Super 8 TransferThe centerpiece of our Super 8 transfer suite is the Rank Cintel Turbo. This is a professional grade telecine machine that outputs video with stunning resolution and picture quality. Each session is supervised by an experienced colorist who will give your film the attention it deserves. Many facilities simply get a basic setup and then let the film play through to the end. At CinePost we spend time watching the film prior to the transfer and we give each reel a fresh color setup. During the transfer we keep an eye on the picture as well as the scopes, if we see color balance start to drift or something that does not look right we do our best to compensate for it or contact the client to discuss options.

During a Super 8 transfer session we utilize one of the last Wetgate Systems left in the United States in addition to an industry standard DaVinci Color Correction system. The Wetgate is a real time dirt and scratch concealment system. As the film passes through the gate where the picture is scanned by a flying spot scanner it is immersed in a fluid filled chamber. This rinses off extraneous dirt and debris in addition to filling in scratches temporarily so that the appearance of scratches is reduced if not eliminated altogether. The film is dry by the time it hits the take-up reel, there is no damage to the film.

Ideally when you invest in a Super 8 transfer project you want it done right the first time. CinePost is a trusted film transfer facility that never stops trying to improve our process and deliver the best possible results to our clients. We can transfer your Super 8 film to a variety of formats, including digital files for editing, regular DVD’s, and Blu-Ray discs. Give us a call or email to discuss your project in detail with a Super 8 transfer specialist.

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