Flat rate Home Movie 8/S8mm & 16mm Transfers:

8mm film rates based on 3-inch 50 foot rolls
16mm film rates based on 100-foot rolls

All Flat Rate 8mm & 16mm Film Transfers include DaVinci Bestlight level/color correction and use of our Wetgate System.

High Definition
(1920 x 1080) – ProRes / MP4

1-19 Rolls – $25/ea
20-80 Rolls – $23/ea

2k Resolution (2048 x 1536) – other dimensions available upon request

1-19 Rolls – $35/ea
20-80 Rolls – $33/ea

4k Resolution (3840 x 2160)

1-19 Rolls – $45/ea
20-80 Rolls – $43/ea

Film Soundtrack formats: Super8 mag, Super8 Optical, 16mm Optical, 16mm Magnetic Mono: $8/roll

Professional Scanning Rates:

Bestlight transfers available for the following professional formats:

16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm. 2 perf 35mm, 3 perf 35mm, 4 perf 35mm, and 8 perf 35mm
Full-aperture 35mm (Silent films) and Anamorphic 35mm (cinemascope)

ProRes HD – $.25/ft
PreRes 2k – $.35/ft
ProRes 4k – $.45/ft

ProRes HD – $.10/ft
PreRes 2k – $.15/ft
ProRes 4k – $.20/ft

Scene-to-scene Corrections in DaVinci Resolve $195/hr
*All transfer rates include use of Wetgate system*

Film Soundtrack formats: 16mm Optical, 16mm Magnetic Mono, Stereo, 16mm Center-track or 4-track
35mm Optical Sound Mono/Stereo with Dolby A/SR, 35mm Magnetic Full coat, 3-Stripe, 4-track, or 6-track

Sound on Film (Optical / or Magnetic) – $0.08/ft.
Separate Mag or Optical Soundtrack transfers- $0.10/ft.



Additional costs:

Film prep & breakdown: $50/hr.

Includes leadering, hand cleaning, cement splices, and buildup onto 400ft archival reels.

Allow about 1 hour per 500-800ft. of 8mm – 1,000ft. of 16mm depending on condition of film

Storage media:
32 USB3 – $20
64GB USB3 – $30
128GB USB3 – $40

256GB USB3 – $50
1TB USB3 – $95
2TB USB3 – 125

Basic DVD or Blu-Ray – $50
Extra copies – $10/ea
Complex/Edited DVD/Blu-Ray – $125 (includes one hour of editing)

Home Video Editing – $75/hr.
*1 Hour minimum

Professional HD/4k Editing – $150/hr.
*2 Hour minimum

Home Video Tapes

VHS – High-8 / Video-8 – MiniDV
Capture to Digital Files: ProRes or Mp4
Standard Definition – $35
High Definition – $55
Create DVD from captured file -$10 Create Blu-ray – $10

Storage media available as listed above.

Click here for more information about our home video conversion process

Professional Tape Formats: Capture to ProRes SD, ProRes HD, or ProRes 2k/4k

Umatic / 1-Inch Video / Betacam SP / Digital Betacam / D2  DVCAM / DVCPRO / S-VHS / Digital8 / 1/2 inch EIAJ Helical Scan

*Email or call for pricing

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What Kind of Film Do I Have?

You can either measure the width of the film or compare the number of perforations (sprocket holes) with the image below. Film Size Chart