I am unsure what type of film I have, is there a way of identifying the film before I ship it?

Yes, do a visual comparison with the chart below:

Film Comparison Chart

How long will it take for you to complete my job?

Our “Standby rate” transfers will generally take from 1 to 2 weeks. Our “Priority rate” transfers are completed in 1 to 2 days (add $75).

What level of color correction do you offer?

All transfers we do benefit from our DaVinci Color Corrector, including our flat-rate pricing for home movies. A “Bestlight” transfer will take 1.5 to 2 times running time. “Scene-to-scene” transfers require 3-5 times running time. For example, if you have 2 hours of film, expect to have between 3 – 3.5 hours for a Bestlight transfer. Please contact us for a quote and more specific details. All negative film transfers are billed hourly and take 3-5 times running time.

Can I get a quote before sending my film?

Yes, please call or submit an order to receive a quote on your project. Check our pricing page for a general idea of rates.

Should I send my unprocessed film to CinePost?

It is always important to contact us before shipping unprocessed film. CinePost reps some of the best labs in the United States. Unprocessed film should be sent directly to the lab for processing. Please contact our film processing sales representative for the shipping address of a Film Laboratory that can process your type of film stock.

What formats can my film be transferred to?

CinePost offers a variety of different formats. We support direct recording to hard disk in ProRes SD, ProRes HD, and ProRes 2k or 4k! Additionally, we can provide MP4 copies of your video files and playable DVD and/or Blu-Ray discs.

What about film speed?

Most home movies will have been shot at 16fps for 8mm, 18fps for S8mm, and 16mm. Some cameras run at off speeds and we do our best to ensure that the speed looks natural. Some 16mm and most 35mm will be at 24fps. When we deliver video it will either be at 23.98fps or 29.97fps. It gets complicated, but if we run your film at the speed it was shot in the camera while capturing video at 29.97fps you’ll have what’s known as a pulldown. Some frames will be repeated or blended. If requested we can run your film at 15fps so that you’ll have a 2:1 ratio of video frames to film frames. For some editors this is desirable. ┬áIf you’re not sure then we’ll go with what looks the most natural.


What type of equipment is used to transfer the film?

CinePost’s Telecine Suite centers around the versatile Rank Turbo. Our Rank is fitted with a very rare Full Aperture 35mm and Super 16mm WetGate system. CinePost also has a remarkable proprietary Regular 8mm and Super 8mm ‘WetSystem’ telecine process which assures stunning results. Both the WetGate and WetSystem will reduce if not eliminate the appearance of scratches as well as help remove extraneous dirt and debris.

Where should I send my film materials?

PLEASE NOTE: We are located at:

2160 Kingston CT SE Suite N.
Marietta, GA 30067.

Our new phone number is (678) 238-0800. Our new fax number is (678)238-0801.

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