Audio Recording

Cinepost’s Full Service Audio Suite supports Voiceovers, Sound Effects, Soundtrack Design, Sweetening, Live band multi-tracking, as well as legacy audio restoration from audiotape formats. Our engineers and Staff bring a positive attitude and an artistic ear to the table, investing ourselves in your content as if it were our own.

Our live room and vocal booths are tailored to capturing performances in the highest quality formats available.  State-of-the-art analog to digital conversion, AVID workstations, and an extensive plug-in library yield outstanding mix-downs and masters for musicians and filmmakers alike.

Cinepost’s facility is Source Connect capable for remote collaboration and supervised direction over a lighting-fast Fiber network. 

All digitization projects welcome! – 1/4” reel to reel, Vinyl LP’s and Audio Cassettes of all formats are transferrable via some of the most well-known hardware in the analog audio world.

From production to restoration, CinePost has the expertise and equipment to tackle your audio projects efficiently and professionally.