Professional Film Scanning

The centerpiece of CinePost’s professional 4k Film Scanning Suite is a customized Rank Cintel telecine outfitted with a state-of-the-art 4k resolution scanner. Using the Rank allows us to scan while utilizing the realtime WetGate system. The WetGate is able to reduce the appearance of dirt & scratches, and in some cases eliminate their visibility altogether. The Fluid inside the gate fills in the dirt and scratch defects on the surface of the film. This allows light to pass directly through the film as opposed to being refracted by the dirt or scratches that are common on older films.

CinePost also boasts a remarkable 8mm & Super 8mm ‘Wet System’ process which assures stunning results. This means that we can “WetGate” Full Aperture 35mm, Regular 35mm, Super 16, Regular 16mm, Super 8, and Regular 8mm. The DaVinci color correction system with our custom WetGate process guarantees high quality 4:2:2 Digital film transfers up to 4k resolution.


Our staff has been involved in the film scanning business for over three decades. Their skill with image color and enhancement can make all the difference for your project. At CinePost we live and breath film. We have a breadth of experience working on a wide array of film projects. We have done high-resolution scanning projects for NASA’s Langley Research facility, feature films for Turner Classic Movies, The Film Detective, Scholastic Films, etc. We have also been involved in a variety of new production ranging from television shows, student films, music videos, and art films.

Our outstanding results are recognized by clients and labs throughout the world. Your film deserves to be handled by personnel who will devote the same level of attention and care to the project that you would.

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