Wild Orchids of Israel

A segment from the DVD entitled “Symphony of Magic: The Wild Orchids in Israel”. If you like Timelapse and Orchids, this fascinating film shows in amazing detail how the Bee Orchid lures its lovers to do its bidding. Produced by nature cinematographer Doron Hirshberg, the documentary was originally broadcast on the BBC in 1987. Not satisfied, Doron spent another three years shooting more footage to include these scenes about the actual pollination process. When finally ready to re-edit all the films in 2007, Doron flew from Israel to CinePost in Atlanta in order to produce a scratch and dirt-free Telecine Transfer for the new digital masters. Digital editing was completed in late 2007. Duna Televizio (Hungary) will be broadcasting the Restored Master this Winter. The Digital Masters are now ready for any venue with English narration and a stereo M&E track, in either PAL and/or NTSC. Total running time is 60 minutes. The DVD is available from CinePost at info@posthouse.com. Enjoy this segment and please help support Doron who has new films in production by buying this DVD. To order call 678-238-0800 or look for it on Amazon.com.

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