Audio Mixing

Creating a finished recording of your music is a process that can be both fun and frustrating at times. Solo artists, producers, and bands write and perform the music, but once it has been recorded getting it to sound “radio-ready” can seem like an impossible task. Large recording studios tend to be priced out of the budget for smaller or lesser-known artists/producers. Still, a professional mixdown can put your music over the top, allowing all the elements to blend together without overpowering each other or sounding muddy. CinePost offers audio mixing as one of our core audio services. We employ trained engineers with years of experience working on a range of styles from rap & hip-hop to rock, metal, jazz, and electronic dance music.

Audio Mixing

If you have a finished piece of music then our audio mixing services will help your material stand out and sound its best. A dedicated engineer will take your multi-track audio files and load them into a digital audio workstation. Each separate track will be analyzed and the whole song will be listened to critically. From there, our engineer will devise a customized plan of attack and make all the necessary tweaks to get your song ready for mastering. We balance each track relative to the others, we apply equalization and compression to help voices and instruments sit properly in the mix, we also check details like phase alignment and timing. We craft a 3-Dimensional sonic space designed so that the listener can focus on enjoying the music instead of being distracted by problems with the mix.

No project is too big or small! We’ve done work for solo producers, bands in various styles, and also non-musical projects such as recorded speeches and audio-book recordings. Contact us to discuss your individual needs and get an estimate today!

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